How much money does it take to quit your job?

This question changes the world for Janice. Janice was living, well existing, in California while working as a marketing agent. Sounds very Instagram ready but reality was far from it. She spent her days writing junk mail! Those awful leaflets that fills ones mailboxes and never seemed to find the trash. The only thing keeping her going were her 2 weeks of vacation each year. Blissful vacation somewhere far away from the mailbox filled with her finest work.

Then one conversation with another disgruntled co-worker, over another take out lunch, changed her life forever. How much money would it really take to quit your job and travel for one year like you were on a constant vacation? After running some numbers, Janice hitches a plan to save money everyday so she can travel for one year.

After saving her money and mapping out her year, she lands in Pairs. The city of love wasted no time in enchanting Janice. Only a few days into her trip she meets a handsome Polish butcher. Romance ensues with all of its wonderful ups and downs, silly fights and making up.

As the year draws near to a close and her bank account inches closer to zero, Janice has to fine a way to make her happily ever after last.

This is a fun read that you could finish in one sitting. Or you can take your time and saver the tastes, sights and sounds of your Pairs stroll with Janice.