We’ve been working on cleaning out our greenhouses since it is unseasonably warm this January. We have a couple of Philodendrons that have become monsters in there and need a new home. A new home equals huge pots! We have some of the plain black pots that everyone has but they are boring so the idea to build pots was born! The night after we talked about making pots I dreamed up this whiskey barrel pot. I couldn’t wait to get back to the nursery and tell Brian what I had come up with. He loved the idea and we knew that our local Peddlers Mall has some whiskey barrel staves for sale. We bought them all and some 4X4’s and construction was underway. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t think this pot was going to be as big as it is but I still love it. We added wheels to the bottom of the pot so that we can easily move it out in the summer and back in the greenhouse for winter! It turned out perfect! We added some black lining and inside that some old greenhouse plastic that we had laying around to protect the wood from rotting.

I can’t wait to put one of those large Philodendrons in to this pot with some other plants arranged around the bottom it is going to be glorious!