I love designing pots full of succulents. When your standing in front of a terracotta pot and a massive pile of succulents the combinations are endless. You can transform each pot into its own little world full of color, texture and shapes.

I decided to go through all of my succulents that I had stored over the winter (there was a lot of them). They had spend the winters snuggled in the greenhouse and stretching themselves toward the sunlight. It was time for some cleaning, repotting and new arrangements!

Then I found some new characters to add into the mix. These guys had been bits and pieces that were collect all through out last season. Some had just fallen out of other pots and other were gift that were given to me. It was time for them to be rearranged into something new.

The next thing is to do is pick a BIG clean work station so everything can be laid out. I like to be able to see all the plants that I am working with so I put them together in little piles.

Just like in crafting, it is easier to complete a project when you take the time to lay everything out and get organized. Taking the time to get this done at the beginning of the project will save you time and energy in the end.

After I have picked out my container, I like to pick out the centerpiece of my arrangement. This helps me figure out what direction to go whilst picking out the accompanying succulents.


The next part is the funniest. You get to add all the bits and pieces that is going to make the center piece pop! I like to mix different textures and colors to compliment the centerpiece.

Then you can add some rock for a top dressing or leave the pot au naturale.

Hope you enjoy.