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Brian and I were able to escape the Kentucky winter this January and make a trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  I’ve been to the gardens several time with Mr. Williams but always in the summer. The gardens are perfectly situated in the middle of the long trek from Kentucky to Florida. The gardens are always a welcomed opportunity to stretch our legs and see something beautiful.

Fuqua Conservatory

 We always make beeline straight to the Fuqua Conservatory when we are at the gardens! When you enter the conservatory you are immediately greeted with beautiful displays of orchids and terrariums of multicolored frogs.

 Tropical Rotunda

The Tropical Rotunda is the first room you will come to in the conservatory. Once you cross the threshold of the double doors you are transported into a world worthy of Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth. Filtered light cascaded through the palm trees, casting shadows on the walkways and ponds. With the cissus sicyoides roots hanging down from the ceiling and the multitude of plants from South America and Asia it is truly like walking in a terrarium! There is no way to see everything in this rotunda in one visit so multiple visits are in order. 

High Elevation House

While the Tropical Rotunda is a shady oasis the High Elevation House is a sunny paradise filled with rare beauties. The tree ferns command attention in the center of the room. This rooms is filled with exotic blooming orchids and pitcher plants. The waterfall has an array of plants cling to it’s sides and drinking up the water it provides. The waterfall looks like it was carved out of nature and placed in the High Elevation House. Prepare yourself to spend hours in this room discovering treasures large and small like Sherlock Holmes looking for clues on a horticultural case!

Orchid Display House

The Orchid Display House is a treasure trove that is just waiting to be explored. There are beautiful wonders in every corner of this garden and ample places to sit and soak in the exquisiteness. I could sit for hours and daydream in this garden. Elephant ears cascade over the raised beds as orchids flutter over head like butterflies. Thoughts of Alice in Wonderland come to mind.

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens is like visiting an old friend, you will find everything that you have come to love and exciting new treasures to behold.