I was able to make a fly by trip to the Art Institute of Chicago on Thursday to see Van Gogh’s Bedrooms. The exhibits for Van Gogh’s Bedrooms is only at the Art Institute of Chicago and runs through May 10th, 2016. When I found out that this exhibit was coming I know I had to go see it. When in my lifetime would I be able to go to Amsterdam to Van Gogh’s museum (a lot of the paintings were on loan from his museum)? Chicago was doable while Amsterdam would be unlikely!

My Honey and I had decided that we would make the trip as soon as there were two rainy days in a row since it is our busy season at the nursery. I anxiously waited and watched the weather religiously! Wouldn’t you know that this is the first spring in Kentucky that did not have 2 days of rain in a row! On to plan B! With my mom in tow, we made our way to Chicago after we both got off work. Note to self: Driving up I-65 in Indiana means lots of construction!

Tips for going to the art institute

  1. Buy parking in advance

There is very limited parking in Chicago so I took the institutes advance and purchased my parking through panda parking before I left. It was a little pricey (28.00). But i didn’t have the stress of circling the block looking for parking. The underground garage was one block away from the museum and easy to find

2. Buy your tickets before you go

When we showed up to the museum there was a 2 hour wait just to buy tickets to get inside! Luckily I’m an over planner and had purchased my tickets online the night before. With said tickets mom and I were able to get out of the Chicago cold and right into the museum

3.get a map at the door

This place was larger than I could have ever imagined and a little complicated to navigate. To move between sections of the museum you always have to go to the first floor. It’s easier to navigate when you think is the layout as you would a castle. If you want to go from tower one to the third floor in tower two you will have to go to the first floor, across and then up the second tower. Confused? Don’t worry there are attendant everywhere that will point you in the right direction.

4. Wear comfortable shoes.

I can not tell you how huge this place is so wear comfy shoes. I saw tons of ladies limping along in high heels! You are going to be walking all day long so choose your shoes wisely.
On to the art!

The Van Gogh exhibit itself was all worth the trip! I spent three hours in the exhibit (but I am a lover of Van Goghs work). The exhibition follows Van Goghs works through his nomadic life. Each room of the exhibit is a place that Van Gogh lived.